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Digitally Enhanced Compass-based Drawing Tool

Ken Nakagaki and Yasuaki Kakehi


Down the ages, people have been utilizing various stationeries to draw precise figures by own hands. On the other hand, as technology developed, CAD software has enabled us to draw such figures easily on the display. In this paper, we present a compass-based drawing interface, "COMP*PASS", which integrates advantages of digital control to manual works. By focusing on the tool compass, we developed a novel drawing interface that can draw not only circles but also other kinds of figures under physical environment. In concrete, the radius of the interface is regulated according to the rotation of the device therefore the user only needs to twist the interface to draw a specific figure. The interface is composed of a rotary encoder which detects the rotation angle, and a servomotor which regulates the radius of the drawing. In this paper, we discuss the system of the interface and an evaluation.

* This project was conducted at Yasuaki Kakehi Lab (now in UTokyo), Keio University SFC.

AxLab Members

Ken Nakagaki

ACM CHI2014 Interactivity

COMP* PASS: A compass-based drawing interface

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