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- What is the AxLab? 

At AxLab -- Actuated Experience Lab -- we invent, materialize, and speculate the future of interactive technologies to design novel user experiences. Our work intersects the domains of Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, and Engineering to reimagine the relationship between humans and computers/machines, based on our vision manifested by 'Actuated Experience'. 

- Why "Actuated Experience"?

AxLab's research is informed by the dual definitions of the word 'actuate' (source):

  1. to put (machines or devices) into mechanical action or motion 

  2. to move (people) to take action; motivate

While engineers and technologists have developed advanced actuators and robotic systems, we believe that opportunities lie in designing how these technologies can ​invite people to interact with them. These interactions then stimulate tangible engagement, cultivate creativity and enhance imagination. 

We develop interactive technologies that are 'actuated' (mechanically shape-changing and reconfigurable) to 'actuate' (motivate and encourage) people through embodied, physical, and tangible interactions. These user interface technologies invite people to actively engage and interact with a computationally-enhanced physical world.

We foresee a future where the materials in our surroundings and environment are enhanced using computation to invite people to interactively engage with them.  


Research Approaches:

 - Inventing novel actuated interactive hardware and devices.

 - Designing interactions and experiences based on actuated technologies.

 - Developing and exploring application areas based on actuated technologies.

 - Creating interactive media art and installations. 

Relevant Domains:

Actuated Tangible User Interface / Shape Changing and Robotic User Interfaces / Interactive Devices & Computing / Interactive and Smart Material / Novel User Experience Design / Haptic and Tactile Interfaces / Media Art / Entertainment Computing, etc.

Relevant Skills:

Software (Interactive Applications, Creative Coding, Control System, etc) / Hardware (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Digital Fabrication, Material Science, etc) / Design (Interaction & UX Design, Product & Industrial Design, etc)

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