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Designing Interaction with Line-based Shape Changing UIs

Ken Nakagaki, Sean Follmer and Hiroshi Ishii


We propose a novel Shape Changing Interface which has the form of a “Line". Lines have several interesting characteristics from the perspective of interaction design: abstractness of data representation; a variety of inherent interactions / affordances; and constraints as boundaries or borderlines. By utilising such aspects of lines together with the added capability of shape-shifting, we present various applications in different scenarios such as shape changing cords, mobiles, body constraints, and data manipulation to investigate the design space of line-based shape changing interfaces.

*This project was conducted at Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab. project page

AxLab Members

Ken Nakagaki


LineFORM: Actuated curve interfaces for display, interaction, and constraint

M.S. Thesis (MIT)

LineFORM: designing interactions with actuated curve interfaces

IEEE Pervasive Computing 2017

Designing line-based shape-changing interfaces

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