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Modular Line-based Shape Changing UIs

Ken Nakagaki, Artem Dementyev, Sean Follmer, Joseph A. Paradiso and Hiroshi Ishii


We present ChainFORM: a linear, modular, actuated hardware system as a novel type of shape changing interface. Using rich sensing and actuation capability, this modular hardware system allows users to construct and customize a wide range of interactive applications. Modules are equipped with rich input and output capability: touch detection on multiple surfaces, angular detection, visual output, and motor actuation. Each module includes a servo motor wrapped with a flexible circuit board with an embedded microcontroller.

Leveraging the modular functionality, we introduce novel interaction capability with shape changing interfaces, such as rearranging the shape/configuration and attaching to passive objects and bodies. This project intends to expand the design space for interaction with actuated curve interface in LineFORM using advanced hardware design.

*This project was conducted at Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab. project page

AxLab Members

Ken Nakagaki

M.S. Thesis (MIT)

LineFORM: designing interactions with actuated curve interfaces


ChainFORM: a linear integrated modular hardware system for shape changing interfaces

IEEE Pervasive Computing 2017

Designing line-based shape-changing interfaces

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