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Needle User Interface

Sensing the Act of Sewing with Conductive Fabric

Ken Nakagaki and Yasuaki Kakehi


Embroidery is a creative manual activity practiced by many people for a living. Such a craft demands skill and knowledge, and as it is sometimes complicated and delicate, it can be difficult for beginners to learn. We propose a system, named the Needle User Interface, which enables sewers to record and share their needlework, and receive feedback. In particular, this system can detect the position and orientation of a needle being inserted into and removed from a textile. Moreover, this system can give visual, auditory, and haptic feedback to users in real time for directing their ac-tions appropriately. In this paper, we describe the system design, the input system, and the feedback delivery mechanism.

* This project was conducted at Yasuaki Kakehi Lab (now in UTokyo), Keio University SFC.

AxLab Members

Ken Nakagaki

ACM UIST2012 Posters

Needle user interface: a sewing interface using layered conductive fabrics

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