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Threading Space

Threading Space: Kinetic Sculpture exploring Spatial Interaction using Threads in Motion

Ramarko Bhattacharya, You Li, Emilie Faracci, Harrison Dong, Ken Nakagaki


Threading Space is a kinetic sculpture that explores how spatial perception can be transformed by dynamically and geometrically reconfiguring physical lines of thread using a swarm of mobile robots on the floor and ceiling. As the threads interact and intertwine with each other, they become a hypnotic medium for tangible patterns in three-dimensional space. Through a physical installation and an interactive GUI, Threading Space invites the audience to explore the potential of using swarm robots and line elements to create, morph, and interact with space.

AxLab Members

Ramarko Bhattacharya

You Li

Emilie Faracci

Harrison Dong

Ken Nakagaki

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