Weaving Actuated Pneumatic Fiber

Ozgun Kilic, Ali Shtarbanov, Hila Mor, Ken Nakagaki, Jack Forman, Karen Modrei, Seung Hee Jeong, Klas Hjort, Kristina Höök, and Hiroshi Ishii


OmniFiber is a reconfigurable fiber technology for movement-based interactions based on thin fluidic fiber actuators with closed-loop strain control. We explore how thinness and sensory capability of artificial muscle-based devices can be utilized by designers to seamlessly weave them into everyday tangible interactions; such as haptics-mediated skills training or actuated tangibles for remote interpersonal communication.

*This project was conducted at Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University -- led by Ozgun Killik.

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Ken Nakagaki


OmniFiber: Integrated Fluidic Fiber Actuators for Weaving Movement based Interactions into the ‘Fabric of Everyday Life’


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